NYC Subway

NYC Subway is my choice of transportation now…my Prius, my truck, my van, my luxury wheels, my 4WD…there is a sense of community to it…there I share space with my blue collar, white collar comrades, the crazies, musical people, religious outspoken people…We all experience a sense of journey trying to make the best of it.






Film Forum NYC

Film Forum is my favorite movie theater in New York. This was where I saw The Man Who Fell to Earth last summer and immediately recalled cinematic katharsis I used to experience at Berkeley UC Theater in my youth.


Last Sunday I saw Laura, an ultimate film-noir flick circa 1944, and fell in love with black and white which lead me to seek a restored version of Red Shoes (1948). Makes sense, right?



PS Notice the poster for El Sicario.

In this unprecedented and chilling monologue, a repentant Mexican hitman tells the unvarnished truth about the war on drugs on the American. El Sicario is the hidden face of America’s war on drugs. He is a contract killer who functioned as a commandante in the Chihuahuan State police, who was trained in the US by the FBI, and who for twenty years kidnapped, tortured and murdered people for the drug industry at the behest of Mexican drug cartels. He is a hit man who came off the killing fields alive. He left the business and turned to Christ. And then he decided to tell the story of his life and work. Charles Bowden first encountered El Sicario while reporting for the book “Murder City”. As trust between the two men developed, Bowden bore witness to the Sicario’s unfolding confession, and decided to tell his story. The well-spoken man that emerges from the pages of El Sicario is one who has been groomed by poverty and driven by a refusal to be one more statistic in the failure of Mexico. He is not boastful, he claims no major standing in organized crime. But he can explain in detail not only torture and murder, but how power is distributed and used in the arrangement between the public Mexican state and law enforcement on the ground – where terror and slaughter are simply tools in implementing policy for both the police and the cartels. And he is not an outlaw or a rebel. He is the state. When he headed the state police anti-kidnapping squad in Juarez, he was also running a kidnapping ring in Juarez. When he was killing people for money in Juarez, he was sharpening his marksmanship at the Federal Police range. Now he lives in the United States as a fugitive. One cartel has a quarter million dollar contract on his head. Another cartel is trying to recruit him. He speaks as a free man and of his own free will – there are no charges against him. He is a lonely voice – no one with his background has ever come forward and talked. He is the future – there are thousands of men like him in Mexico and there will be more in other places. He is the truth no one wants to hear.


DAC Holiday Pop-Up Art Sale

from my inbox:

DAC Holiday Pop-Up Art Sale Reception Thursday, December 15, 6 – 8 PM
Get first crack at all of the fabulous art, have a class of wine and enjoy great company this Thursday night! A wonderful chance for last minute shopping for someone special, even yourself! Get something good and do something good by supporting artists.

December 16 – 21
Hours: 11 AM – 7 PM

Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit contemporary arts organization located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. DAC’s mission is to catalyze interaction between visual artists, the local community and the wider public.

Christmas Carol At Abrons Arts

Shoot…I am going to miss this one. If you are in New York, go and see it. Tickets are $20 and $10 for students.
Created and directed by acclaimed theater and new media artist Reid Farrington.

Haunting images from 35 different film versions of A Christmas Carol are projected on moving screens using a modern-day version of the magic lantern. Film clips collide and combine with live performers on stage, eerily blurring the distinction between performance and video projection. Through complex staging and choreography, the show mashes together over 100 years of film history. Performers slip in and out of characters from the Alastair Sim, George C. Scott, and Bill Murray versions , as well as The Muppets and Mr. Magoo variations (and many more) to create an imaginative and new interpretation of the beloved Dickens story.